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The sun enters Scorpio this year on October 24 th and will stay there until November 21 st. Like the rays of light peeking over the twin pillars in the tarot Death card, the season of Scorpio is when those of the underworld and otherworld can peek through the veil into the realm of the living. Key Death Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Between October 24 th and November 12 th , Mercury also enters Scorpio, and a window for communion with spirits will open, when the thoughts of the living and the thoughts of the dead will converge.

October 30 th through 31 st , the moon—that illuminated reflection of our shadow selves—joins the sun and Mercury in Scorpio, an optimal time for divination. Altogether, these are the days of the tarot Death card, a card that allegorizes Life as much as it does Death. The eighth Simple Letter corresponded with the eighth zodiac sign, Scorpio, the sign of the Death card.

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The Death card in tarot is provocative. You do not get the card in a reading and not react. Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation, of cessation and cycle. Yet Scorpio is also the sign of sex and sexuality, which creates life.


It is the bishop in gold, the same yellow gold of the sun, who reconciles Life with Death through Spirit. The Death card appears in a tarot reading to convey a message from beyond, utilizing the gate between worlds that Scorpio leaves open.

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Spirit only goes out of its way to contact us when there is a purpose to be served. That is the hope and renewal of life that shines through in the Death card: the call from Spirit toward a higher purpose. And yet through that same gate, the Lord of Chaos comes.

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To accept the first, you must accept the other. Chaos triggers fear and uncertainty, which is why the passage from death to life, from cessation to new beginning is a daunting one.

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Why no 21st-century tarot, in which the more irrelevant cards — Temperance, the Hierophant, the Chariot — could be updated to familiar faces like Bikram Yoga , the Psycho Ex and the iPad 3? According to the art-film director Alejandro Jodorowsky , though, all deviations from the Tarot de Marseille are nothing but inglorious bastards. Jodorowsky said this month, standing at a display of tarot decks in a Greenwich Village bookstore, dismissing them one and all. But he was equally thrilled to talk about his abiding passion and hobby, the world of tarotica.

Jodorowsky, 82, certainly devotes as much time to it as he does to film these days. In Paris, where he has lived for the last 20 years, he lectures on the tarot and does readings for strangers once a week. And he vividly remembers how, at 20, he first saw an old and, he said, naked woman in his native Chile give a tarot reading, and was instantly intrigued.

He soon moved to Paris, where he joined the mime company of Marcel Marceau and began traveling with him. It was in Tokyo, Mr. Jodorowsky said, that he first bought a tarot deck. This became a habit.

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Every place they went, he would figure out where and how to buy a new deck; before long, he had a vast collection. But Breton had a trump card of his own. Jodorowsky said. And so, he started all over. He got rid of his collection and began obsessively studying the Tarot de Marseille, a historic tarot family with roots dating from the 16th century. Over time, he became something of a black belt, to mix dark-art metaphors.

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In my experience, Lunar eclipses are deeply connected with our own inner world, with our intuition. They speak to our truest selves, the self who may prefer to hide safely away from the outer world most of the time. This eclipse in Leo invites to you go within, have a chat with that inner you, but also to then shine your true, bold light out into the world.

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Lunar Eclipses also offer us the opportunity for release. They reveal what is hidden in our lives, what wants to be seen, acknowledged, and understood. They give us the chance to let go of what is no longer serving us well, so that we can take the first steps forward on a new, authentic and more enriching path. When an event this phenomenal occurs, take note. Acknowledge that this is something special, outside of the daily grind, and give yourself permission to pause, to put aside some time to experience it and see where it takes you. Tarot is a beautiful tool to help us translate the messages that the Moon sends to us on occasions such as this.

The cards are a gateway into another world, the realm of intuition and shadow, and act as our guide in this extraordinary place. During the Lunar spectacular on January 21, make the most of the energy by communing with your Tarot cards and the Moon.