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Paul Blumer Leave a comment. The Pisces zodiac sign individual is soft, gentle and kind. They have a pleasant personality and take everyone at face value. They are understanding, caring and compassionate with an affectionate nature. The Pisceans rarely disagree with anyone.

Pisces Father Traits: Personality and Characteristics of Pisces Dad

The Pisces zodiac sign natives love aesthetics, fine arts and beauty. Music, arts, painting is a good career option that can be followed. They make perfect companions and friends who are there for their loved ones in their times of need. They have a very sensitive temperament, and no detail passes their eye unnoticed. The Pisces traits show they can be very timid and scared to raise their voices. They choose not to see the problems around them and shut their eyes thinking that the issues will disappear.

They tend to daydream and can spend hours lost in fantasies that will never materialize. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!!

Pisces Traits

Their soft-spoken, gentle and affectionate nature makes the Pisces star sign so very attractive as a human being. Easily adjustable people such as these can make any person feel important. They are really the most ideal companions to have. Artistically gifted individuals, Pisces men , and Pisces women can make outstanding artists, musicians, and painters, as well as great literary scholars.

Their abilities as actors are also often well developed. In family life, Pisceans are loyal and home-loving people.

They do not like to flirt around with other people and are extremely faithful to their partners. Their sacrificing and charitable characters make them ideally suited to be philanthropists. They rebel against any fixed pattern being imposed upon them. Just experiment by putting a Pisces personality in a controlled environment. And things are most likely to turn haywire. Their strange and withdrawn nature makes it a great problem for their friends and family, who try to relate to them.

Pisces: Sign Dates & Traits

Even in work, their bosses find it very difficult to make them focus on any particular objective. They are too sensitive and emotional in nature. Pisces females will often weep constantly at some perceived insult from their lovers. This proves to be way too much for some people. Moreover, Pisces sun sign people also tend to gossip at times. And, both males and females are indiscreet and gullible at times.

Pisces zodiac natives are a mixture of an optimistic and pessimistic natures,. Thus, they often find it very problematic to balance their daily lives. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Fire and water do not usually mix. So, the love match between Aries and Pisces could be a peculiar relationship. Taurus will soon discover the emotional nature of the Pisces. So this might turn out to be a good match. Alliance with Gemini would turn out to be an extremely shaky one for the Pisces. Pisces is often a very spiritual sign, but that doesn't necessarily have to mean allegiance to an organized religion, although it can take that form.

However, it's more likely the case that Pisceans just "feel" that there is an order to the universe and have a deep connection to their fellow man. Pisces see the world through rose-tinted glasses. This perspective casts a dreamy gauziness on their words and actions that can be quite attractive to others. For staunch realists, however, this characteristic can be highly frustrating. Pisces share their altruistic nature with Sagittarius ; both signs are willing to literally give you the shirt off their backs if you ask for it. However, Pisceans need to be careful that they don't become a martyr in their quest to help others.

Harsh environmental factors can lead a Pisces into a downward spiral, particularly when these factors are introduced from birth and onward. Still, a Pisces that is reared in a loving and stable environment can harness this energy and produce art that is both weighty in content and objective in its vision. A less evolved Pisces' reticent mannerisms can sometimes be off-putting to other signs. It's difficult for many Pisces' to emerge from the depths of their dream world to convey what they're thinking or feeling.

If Pisces' haven't spent much time developing their communication skills , they can be seen as anti-social and remain misunderstood most of their lives. Unless they apply strong disciplines in their lives, they'll end up swimming in circles or losing interest and moving on to the next thing that catches their attention. This trait can make them very unreliable. In truth, it's just Pisces' way of trying to avoid been caught and forced to live a lifestyle of someone else's choosing.

Pisces is a fascinating sign on its own, but there are other astrological influences that further affect Pisces individuals. Jupiter always indicates where the most luck can be found during a current cycle. The planet's job is to show all the possibilities available, and it accomplishes this by expanding the house it's in.

For example, when Jupiter is housed in the eleventh house of hopes, wishes and dreams, Pisces can expect a dearly held and cherished dream to come true. Regardless of the house , Jupiter is known for leaving its biggest gift at the end of a cycle, so plan accordingly. Saturn , the planet of karma, teaches where people need to learn their greatest lessons, so it makes good astrological sense that it follows Jupiter through the birth chart. While Jupiter expands everyone's horizons, Saturn asks them to pull back. Saturnine structures are built to last, so no matter how difficult it may seem, know that by the time Saturn is done with a particular section of your chart usually about two years , whatever remains and whatever new plans you've put into place have a solid foundation.

Take comfort in knowing that Saturn also leaves a gift, proving there's a silver lining to every cloud. Neptune is considered the God of the Sea. Most of Earth and even the human body are covered or governed by water.

Pisces Love and Sex

Water, like any other element, is filled with power. Further, water can be calm and placid, or stormy and destructive. Pisces often embodies both these characteristics. Neptune also rules all forms of escapism; sleeping pills, narcotics and alcohol all fall under this planet's domain.

If Pisces can steer clear of the pull of escapism while embracing their inner truths, they'll be quite successful in life. The twelfth house of the zodiac is the reposit of humanity's deepest fears and governs the primordial waters it swims in before the first breath of life. It is also the house of secrets.